June 2019

The Fit by Carey Perloff (San Francisco Playhouse) - Carey Perloff’s The Fit Snappily Takes on Silicon Valley


“Sakina (an excellent Avanthika Srinivasan, both tough and charming) is a super-smart engineer and ambitious recent hire at Blue Sky, a Silicon Valley venture capital firm headed by the avaricious and verbally abusive hot-shot Paul.”

September 2016 – May 2019

Training at the American Conservatory Theater

January 11, 2018

Partition – Indra’s Net Theater

“The character of Namagiri adds a colorful mysticism to the exploration of an otherwise arid discipline. Avanthika Srinivasan charms as she both goads Ramanujan and tries to bring peace to his troubled mind. Srinivasan’s other talents are put to great effect as the role also calls for several occasions of Indian singing and dancing.”